Shortly about me:

I’d very much like to share the beauty I find with homes around America. I am told that I have a skill at taking something simple, and turning it into something beautiful. I’d like to continue to sell prints of my work while trying to break into more studio and contract work.
In 2012 I graduated from MCC with a degree in Visual communication in photography and television. Though most of the knowledge I have acquired is through hands on experience, and I continue to grow as I continue to get more supplies and training. Please look around the site and enjoy the art. There is more information in the About Me section of the site. The Portfolio has a few of my images broken down by category, the store has many of my images for sale through FAA, and on the services tab you can see what I am available for currently. The links to the left on this page are a few of my external pages.You can view the Tim Buisman Photography Brochure Or you can download our full catalog.

Please look through the Services to view a list of available services as well as my current price list. I do look forward to hearing from you!

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